Nurcan Kurtuluş

Today is a magnificent day, people are performing prayers at Hagia Sophia and I am crying with my three children at home.

Yasin Yıldırım

The two-rakat prayers that we performed secretly in Hagia Sophia for its reopening have been answered thanks first to Allah and then you.

Ali İncekara

With the permission of Allah, as long as this spirit endures, may ALLAH bless this nation with many more conquests.

Yüksel Keskin

Hagia Sophia, Even if the world comes together, The Muslim Turkish nation, Will never give up on you

Necmettin EVCİ

We will mark Eid al-Adha with a different joy thanks to the reopening of Hagia Sophia mosque after a long period of waiting and longing.

Mehmed Said AÇIKSÖZ

The Hagia Sophia mosque would eventually be restored to the ummah one day, and we are also glad that you were the one to accomplish it.


Hagia Sophia Mosque’s Opening to Worship

Muhammet Nevzat BALCI

I am 60 years old and I have spent 45 years of my life dreaming about and hoping for the opening of Hagia Sophia. Thank Allah thousands of times.

Süleyman ÜNGİR

No matter what anyone says, we will stand behind you all the way on this sacred path that you have embarked on. May Allah fill your life with welfare and abundance and always keep you with us.

Abdullah KALIN

I am grateful mainly for our President and also for everyone, who exerted efforts for the opening of Hagia Sophia to worship after the annulment of its quality as a museum

Habib EREN

I want to work voluntarily for the opening of the Great Mosque of Hagia Sophia.


Thanks a million for allowing us to enjoy such happiness today.

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